Assassin’s Creed

Assassin’s Creed อัสแซสซินส์ ครีด 2016

Assassin’s Creed Aguilar de Naerha Aguilar de Naerha, an 1492 Andalusia native was accepted into the Assassin Brotherhood. He is designated to defend Prince Ahmed de Granada against the Templar Order. Callum “Cal” is an adolescent, discovers his mother killed by Joseph who is a modern-day Assassin. Alan Rikkin (CEO of the TemplarsThe Templars’ Abstergo Foundation), leads the gunmen in capturing Joseph. He convinces the man to escape.

Cal is found guilty in 2016 for murdering an pimp. However, Abstergo pretends to be the executioner and brings Cal to their research center in Madrid. Cal is informed by the Templars that they are searching for the Apple of Eden. The Apple was created by a lost civilization in order to stop violence and utilize the codes of the Apple to regulate the free will of the human race. Sofia Alan’s daughter and head scientist, informs her that Cal is a descendant of Aguilar who was the first person to possess the Apple. Cal is put in the Animus by Sofia, a device that lets him relive (and scientists to study) Aguilar’s genetic memory to help Abstergo locate the location of the Apple.

Aguilar and Maria are sent to save Ahmed in 1492. They were taken from him by Templar Grand Masters Tomas de Torquemada to pressure his father, Sultan Muhammad XII, to surrender the Apple. Maria and Aguilar are able to stop the Templars but they are defeated and taken captive by Ojeda Torquemada, the enforcer of the Torquemada clan. Cal is quickly freed from the Animus by Sofia.

Cal is able to meet Cal meets with other Assassin descendants held in the prison. The majority of them are skeptical of the motives of Cal. Lin, a descendant 16th-century Chinese Assassin Shao Jun, as well as Moussa (a descendant of the 18th century Haitian Assassin Bible) are two notable exceptions. Cal is afflicted with hallucinations, which are known as the “Bleeding Effect” of Joseph and Aguilar. Cal and Sofia develop a strong bond in their time together. Sofia confides to her mother that she was killed by an Assassin.

Maria, Aguilar, and Animus are scheduled to be executed in the auto-fe. However, he is able to escape the three. This causes an on-the-ground chase that culminates with the leap of faith. Cal’s brain is violently agitated after the event and he becomes temporarily paralyzed. Cal finds out that Joseph is in the facility too and confronts Joseph regarding his mother’s suicide. Cal is told by Joseph that the Bleeding Effect will allow him to master the techniques of Aguilar. He also informs Cal that his mother is an Assassin and would prefer to be killed by Joseph’s power instead of being forced to join the Animus. Cal however, not sure, vows to locate the Apple and eliminate the Assassins. In the meantime, Alan is forced by Ellen Kaye, a Templar Elder, to shut down the multibillion-dollar Animus Project. This is because they’ve already “won… that people do not take seriously their civil liberties…they’re happy to be followed”. Sofia begins to doubt her father’s motives.

Cal who, as affirmed by his interactions with Joseph and Joseph, is willingly a part of The Animus. Maria and Aguilar are able to ambush the Torquemada and Muhammad gathering; they take out the Torquemada’s men and recover the Apple. But, Ojeda captures Maria. To defend the Apple Maria decides to take her own life and then stabbing herself with Ojeda’s knife. Ojeda escapes through another Leap and is killed by Ojeda. The force generated by the Leap triggers the Animus to fail violently. Then, Aguilar presents the Apple to Christopher Columbus who promises to take the apple to the grave. Alan decides to evacuate the prison after Moussa and the modern Assassin prisoners start an armed riot in order to flee. Joseph as well as the other prisoners are shot dead by the Abstergo security. Cal sees projections of his ancestors while standing in the Animus Chamber. Sofia sees a projection of an Assassin who resembles her. Cal is convinced to accept his Assassin family by his mother, and is joined by Moussa, Lin and Lin in fleeing from the prison.

After taking back the Apple from Columbus the grave vault of his father The Templars meet in London to celebrate their triumph. Cal arrives at the sanctuary to retrieve the Apple from the Columbus graveyard. Sofia, disillusioned, is greeted by Cal and is reluctantly willing to let him have the Apple. Cal returns the Apple to him, and then he killed Alan. As Sofia promises revenge against Cal, the Assassins depart vowing to defend the Apple from the Templars.