Evil Eye (2020) นัยน์ตาปีศาจ

Evil Eye Pallavi is a resident of New Orleans. She has a close, yet uneasy relationship with her mother Usha. Usha has returned to Delhi because of her husband’s job. Usha is worried that Pallavi (almost thirty years old) isn’t yet married. Usha is fascinated by Vedic Astrology is trying to get her daughter to get together at specific times.

Pallavi is invited to a blind date to please her mother. Pallavi eventually gets to meet Sandeep and they begin a relationship. Sandeep is beautiful, wealthy, and Indian. Sandeep shares with Pallavi an attempt to commit suicide by an ex-girlfriend when they broke from each other. Pallavi observes Sandeep’s hands tighten in pain when he attempts to offer her earrings.

She is the one who tells Usha everything about her boyfriend. Usha isn’t thrilled. According to an astrologer, Pallavi and Sandeep are not a common pairing. Usha is a private investigator employed by Usha is able to reveal that Sandeep has numerous ex-girlfriends who are hesitant to talk about him. Evil Eye HD

Sandeep invites Pallavi to his house. He isn’t willing to let her move in, so he has to pay the rent to a brand new home so that she can concentrate on her writing goals and leave her job. Pallavi is permitted to relocate to the new home. But, Usha discovers that Sandeep is in control of Pallavi excessively. Pallavi insists that Sandeep is acting to benefit herself. Usha recalls that her ex-boyfriend would use this phrase frequently and believes that Sandeep who was just nine months old when Pallavi was born, is the reincarnation of her ex-boyfriend who passed away when he violently confronted Usha. Pallavi and everyone else thinks they are crazy.

Usha is unable to cope when Pallavi is engaged to Sandeep. She accepts to give Sandeep another chance to live his life and at the urging by her husband. She informs her daughter about her life. Prior to her marriage she was in a relationship with a controlling and abusive man. He would stalk her after she broke up with him, and then got married to a different person. He fought her in the night when she was pregnant at nine months. She was able to push him over the bridge and had a baby girl named Pallavi the next night. She was unaware of the death of her ex-boyfriend.

Sandeep calls Usha and confesses her suspicions that he’s the reincarnation of her former boyfriend. Sandeep insists that she travel to America to meet him. Sandeep informs her once she arrives that he would like her to be the woman has always dreamed of. Sandeep warns Pallavi that if she tries to break up the marriage and he’ll murder her. Pallavi is concerned about her mother’s love for her as they dine together. Usha informs Pallavi she owns exactly the same earrings Sandeep gave her as an offer from her ex. Sandeep is furious and fights Usha. They fight back and hurt him.

Pallavi realizing that she was correct in her mother’s opinion, is worried about her future and what might befall her daughters. As Sandeep dies, Usha comforts Pallavi. The final shot depicts the birth of a baby and it is believed that Sandeep has been revived.